15 Important Pieces of Advice That’ll Save You From a Street Attack

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What to do if you’re being attacked in close quarters

  • If the criminal is pursuing you inside a building, don’t hide in an elevator or cellar because they may run there right after you.
  • Run away from the building, preferably to a place with lots of people or somewhere you can easily drop the pursuit.
  • Do not use any type of weapon in close quarters as they may harm you as well as the attacker, and you won’t be able to run.

Take safety precautions

  • Don’t run away immediately. First create an obstacle (cross a road, turn a corner, or go down to the subway), and then run.
  • Talk to a passerby. Walk with them, and go on talking until you see your pursuer dropping off. A criminal normally won’t attack if you’re not alone.
  • If a taxi driver seems suspicious, immediately leave the car. Always send your close ones the plate number.
  • Don’t expect danger to be straightforward: if you’re afraid of a dark alley or a suspicious group of people, take another route. If there’s no light in the hall of your apartment building, wait for a neighbor to enter together, or ask someone to meet you downstairs.
  • Always keep your family or friends informed of where you are and when you’re coming home.
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