12 Rules for the Ideal Vacation in the Wild

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When the weather’s good, many people head out of the city and into the wilds of nature.

We at Nexcist decided to reveal how you can make your trip absolutely perfect as well as the best ways to cope with unpleasant situations while on vacation. cool stuff, cool stuff

  1. Start a fire on sand or stone. If you can’t find the right place, simply scrape away the upper layer of soil.
  2. When lighting a fire, don’t pour lighter fluid onto a naked flame — the bottle containing it might explode in your hands. Set the firewood alight immediately after you’ve poured on the lighter fluid, otherwise it may vaporize. cool stuff, cool stuff
  3. To stop ants getting onto a table, place each leg in a single-use container with some water. If you’re using a rug for your picnic, place some dried mint or the skin of some cucumber on it. The scents they produce will scare off any ants.
  4. Mosquitoes can be scared away with the help of rosemary or sage. Scatter a few leaves on the hot coals of your fire or barbecue grill.
  5. To keep your food fresh, use a freezer bag or vacuum container with a lid. When you press on the lid, the air in the container is removed. Without oxygen, bacteria can’t appear.
  6. If you’re close to some water, don’t wash your dishes in a reservoir or clean yourself by the shore. Use a bucket or bowl, and make sure to pour the dirty water onto the soil afterward.

Don’t try to remove the tick straightaway. Approach this process carefully and attentively.

  1. Cover the area of the bite with vegetable oil. cool stuff, cool stuff
  2. Make a loop out of a piece of thread, and stretch it between the head and body of the tick.
  3. Slowly pull the thread upward, and remove the tick.
  4. To check for the risk of being infected with tick-born encephalitis, take the tick alive to a laboratory within two days of removing it.
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