12 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Order to Look Great in Photos

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6. Pay attention to where you put your arms

Problem: When posing sitting down, we often wonder where to put our arms. Crossed arms create an ugly impression, while keeping your hands loose looks unnatural.

Solution: The “hourglass” shape is one of the best options when sitting down. Put one leg over the other, and place both elbows on the upper leg’s knee. Keep one arm in a vertical position and the other horizontal. This creates elegant visual lines that highlight both your face and your figure.

7. Create visual lines

Problem: Standing straight with your arms hanging at your sides can hardly qualify as a photogenic pose. Besides, some items of clothing can blur together, adding width and bulkiness to your figure.

Solution: Move your arms away from your body. Try using them to create straight lines and angles that’ll accentuate your figure’s contours and highlight what really matters.

8. Combine straight and curved lines

No less attractive is the combination of curved and straight lines. Stand in semi-profile to the camera. Leave some visible empty space around your waist, place one hand on your thigh, and let the other drape along the curves of your body. Arranging your arms correctly will help to emphasize the beautiful aspects of your figure and create an all-around elegant impression.

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