12 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Order to Look Great in Photos

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Many people mistakenly believe that the work of professional models consists only of being pretty and staring at the camera. However, when it comes to any picture good enough to grace the covers, much of the success depends on the models’ skills at posing and presenting themselves in the right way.

Having delved into the basics of the art of fashion modeling, the staff of Nexcist has compiled some invaluable advice from true professionals. We hope this article will help you always look your best in any photo! cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Put your chin forward

Problem: In any photo, your neck should remain visible. Try not to tilt your head forward, otherwise your gaze will become heavy and unwelcoming. cool stuff, cool stuff

Solution: Try to put your head slightly forward. This might feel unnatural, but such a position will make your neck look slimmer while adding a sense of elegance and fitness to the overall image.

2. Do not cross your arms

Problem: Tilting your head without lowering your shoulders looks unnatural. Crossing your arms turns your whole figure into a shapeless blur. cool stuff, cool stuff

Solution: When facing the camera, angle your body somewhat to the side. Put your arms down, and spread them slightly apart. This way, your neck will seem more slender and your body outlines will become clearly defined.

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