12 Costly Mistakes You Need to Stop Making When Traveling

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6. Not knowing the tipping policy

In some countries, including the US, tipping for service is expected to be 15 to 20 percent. In many European countries, it is already included in the bill. Do some research before you go — it will probably save you money and help you avoid awkward situations.

5. Skipping travel insurance

A simple accident that would not be a problem in your country may require heaps of money when you are traveling abroad. We always think that nothing will happen to us, but sometimes it does. Just add a few extra bucks to your travel expenses to avoid spending thousands in case of an emergency. Even if you always bought it but never needed it, buy it again. It’s worth it.

4. Not dealing with your bank in advance

You first have to decide if you will use your current card and if it has international transaction fees. If so, you can consider a travel rewards card that offers zero transaction fees. If you want to stick with your card, make sure you alert your bank about your travel plans. Otherwise, they can freeze your card for suspected fraudulent charges.

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