12 Costly Mistakes You Need to Stop Making When Traveling

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If you love traveling as much as we do, you probably have your own set of rules about saving money during a trip. But if the first place you look for in the airport is the currency exchange or taxi stand, then you should check our list of the worst mistakes people make when traveling. It will help you to save more money that you can then spend on your next mind-blowing adventure.

12. Traveling during the day

Nighttime is sleep time. But what if you can sleep and save money on a night of accommodation? Taking a night train or bus can get you where you need to go and save your budget. cool stuff, cool stuff

11. Forgetting the 6-block rule

Food is generally double the price and half as good within 6 blocks of a major tourist spot. Walk away from crowded tourist attractions to enjoy something more authentic at a cheaper price. Local outdoor street food markets are always a better option. cool stuff, cool stuff

10. Ignoring ride-sharing

You’ve probably heard about house-sharing services like Couchsurfing, but there are also ride-sharing apps like BlaBlaCar, which will help you find locals and other travelers that are going to the same destination as you. cool stuff, cool stuff

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