11 things you’ll learn while backpacking Eastern Europe

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5. A little language goes a long way

You can try using English, but attempting a little of the local lingo will go a very long way indeed, particularly somewhere like Hungary, which is a different kettle of linguistic fish altogether…“hol van a WC?!


6. Trains are not what they are back home

What, you mean they’re clean, efficient and on time? Er, no. Quite the opposite. Indeed, in some countries – Romania and Serbia immediately spring to mind – a purgatorial experience awaits. Still, it’s all part of the adventure, isn’t it?

7. Oafish officials are the norm

Interminable waits at border crossings and dealings with boorish customs officers in the dead of night are almost a thing of the past, but there may still be the odd occasion when you’ll be required to rummage through your luggage in search of non-existent paperwork.

8. You’ll need to gen up on your currencies

Forget the euros (except for Slovakia), this is the region of the leu, the lek and the lev. Though somewhat confusingly – and unofficially – they do use euros in Montenegro and Kosovo.

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