11 things you’ll learn while backpacking Eastern Europe

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Eastern Europe has become a popular, mysterious even, destination for the intrepid backpacker. While it’s undoubtedly impressive in its diversity, there are a number of universal lessons that every traveller will learn at some point during their time here.

As you embark upon a trip to this huge swathe of the continent, richly textured by history and nature, here are some life-enhancing lessons you might learn from backpacking Eastern Europe.

1. It’s bigger than you think

Don’t underestimate the size of the area you are about to tackle; while a four-week mega tour hitting the likes of Bratislava, Kyiv, Sofia and Tirana looks doable on paper, you’ll spend much of that time slumming it on buses and trains, or at the stations.

It’s quite simple really: take your time and choose your destinations carefully.

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